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June 1st, 2021

As we turn the calendar to June, we are on the home straight for the Spring league.  The Dubai Summer is defiantly in full swing, the temperature is rising and so is the heat in the competitions.  Tuesday saw another full night of action and leave everyone fighting for top spot in their respective leagues for what should be on paper an easier route to the final, however looking on last night there was no easy games in the heat.

Jumping into Men’s BroTown Patu remained unbeaten with a 12-1 victory over FFP Blue, Flacons meanwhile lost their 100% record in a 5-4 nail bitter against FFP White.  All eyes on BroTown v Falcons next week to see who can take the top spot, or depending on results we could be reaching for the calculators if FFP White can come out on top against FFP Blue.  

In the Plate The Untouchables made it 2 from 2 with a 8-2 victory over Exiles.  Both The Untouchables & Exiles seem to be improving week on week and this was certainly a great game to watch with plenty of spirit showed by both teams.  Meanwhile The Wolves chalked up another W over Warriors Masters 5-2.  

Mixed was up next and with it in the Cup saw BroTwon Whai & BMW remain unbeaten with 2 close battles against Everytime We Touch & Warriors tribe.  BorTown Whai v BMW is the clash of the round next week to see who can take top spot.  In the plate AGMC go top with a 8-3 vistory over a much improved Mustag Sallies while old friends Warriors Clan and Untouchables battled it out with Warriors taking the spoils 7-1.

The Ladies league is looking like it is BroTown Kahu’s to loose, another win over 2nd place FFP White 4-1 leaves them very much in the driving seat while the UntouchaBelles are still in search of a win in this league going down 10-1 to FFP Blue.

Next week is the final round of league games before we hit the Semi-Final’s & Finals so there will be all to play for next week. 


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May 25th, 2021

They say that a week is a long time, in sport a week can feel like a lifetime and this was one of them! After the euphoria of teams in Men’s & Mixed qualifying for the Cup & Plate competition, eyes were fixed on the next 4 weeks and working towards finals. Due to new guidelines, instead of reaching for the training book and looking for new moves, teams were concentrated on who was eligible to play.

Tuesday night was much more then results, it was a unified show from the Dubai Touch Community that ‘The Show Must Go On’ and indeed it did.  The spirit around all 4 pitches was amazing, yes there were some new faces, there had been plenty of recruitment happening but was was clear to see was the enjoyment, families (as many as 3 in one spot – Mum, Dad & Son) all on the pitch at the same time.  The results on the night while they mattered for everyone it was the case that all games were played, tries were scored and fun was had.

Diving into the action we saw 113 tries scored on the night, we tapped off with the Mixed division with holders BroTown Whai taking the early advantage with a 15-1 victory over Warriors Tribe, BMW edged past Everytime We Touch 12-7.  Over in the plate The Untouchables take early advantage with a 12-6 win over Mustag Sallies and AGMC are hot on their heels with a 5-2 win over Warriors Clan.

The Men’s cup saw Brotown Patu take early advantage with a 9-2 victory over FFP White while the experience of The Falcons saw them maintain their 100% record so far with a 4-0 win over FFP Blue.  In the Plate early advantage goes to The UntouchaBulls with a 10-0 win over the Warriors Masters while The Wolves got off the mark in a close 8-3 game against The Exiles.

In the Ladies league BroTown Kahu seem unstoppable with a 3-1 win over FFP Blue meanwhile an end to end game saw FFP White get past a very spirited UntouchaBelles 8-5. 


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May 18th, 2021

It was Warm, Fast and over 100 tries.  After taking a break for Eid last week it was great to be back in action and you could certainly tell the mercury is rising in the UAE and so is the level of competition on the pitch as we had the last round of initial pool games in the Men’s & Mixed division, so lets dive right in.

In the Men’s division Pool A was all set for a cliff hanger where anyone of the 4 teams could have made it into the top half of the table to secure the ‘Cup’ side of the draw, all eyes were on Pitch A as The UntouchaBulls who were sitting top of the pile were up against second place FFP Blue, both sides knew that a Win would see them through.  It was end to end and very little to choose between both team however it was FFP Blue who edged homes with a 5-6 win.  This left the Untouchables waiting to see how BroTown Patu would fair against Wolves, a Win for BroTown would have seen them through, however with 2 draws in the past 2 weeks who could predict what may happen.  BroTown quickly found there groove and came home 12-2 winners and with it securing their place in the Cup comp starting next week.  Pool B saw Warriors Masters push Falcons to the end as they were chasing second place, but the Falcons had just enough in the tank to maintain their unbeaten start and take the spoils 6-5 while Exiles Men who are improving week on week made FFP White work for their 10-4 win.  Next week the teams split into the Cup & Plate and what a lineup we have going for glory!!

Mens Cup – BroTown Patu, Falcons, FFP Blue & FFP White. 

Men’s Plate – Exiles Men, UntouchaBulls, Warriors Masters & Wolves. 

The Mixed division again like the Men’s everything was to play for, jumping into Pool B first Everytime We Touch had a 10-5 win over Warriors Tribe in what was a great game to watch, meanwhile a much improved Mustag Sallies made AGMC work very hard for their 6-3 win.  What did this mean in the end…well Evertime We Touch, Warriors Tribe & AGMC had all played 3 and won 2 so were level on points so down to the cruelest of margins on points difference with Everytime We Touch taking top spot and only 1 try separated Warriors Tribe & AGMC so Warriors Tribe making the top half by the slimmest of margins.

Pool B saw current holders BroTown Whai maintain their 100% start but The Untouchables made them work every step of the way to a 6-0 win, meanwhile on the next pitch BMW & Warriors Clan were fighting it out for 2nd place and BMW had more gas in their tank to take a 5-3 win and with it second spot.

Battling out for the Mixed Cup will be BMW, BroTown Whai, Everytime We Touch & Warriors Tribe.  Heading into the Plate will be AGMC, Mustag Sallies, Untouchables & Warriors Tribe.

Heading over to the Ladies League and BroTown Kahu maintained their long unbeaten run with a 10-3 win over the UntouchaBelles and meanwhile the much anticipated inter-club game of FFP White v FFP Blue resulted in FFP Blue taking the bragging rights with a 5-2 win.

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May 4th, 2021

Hold onto your hat, what a night it was at The Sevens last night.  As we left the city lights behind and headed to The Sevens on arrival it was bright, clear and all set for a fabulous night of touch.  Fast forward 45 minutes it was dark, grey and a stand storm was ripping through The Sevens just as our Mixed round was getting underway. 

Despite the challenging conditions there was still some great action on the field.  In Pool A title holders BroTown Whai were made to work for their 6-4 win over BMW while old rivals and very good friends Warriors Clan edged passed The Untouchables 6-3, with 1 round of fixtures we will have 3 teams in the running to secure the 2 spots in the cup half of the draw.  Over in Pool B Warriors Tribe edged past AGMC 8-5 while Mustag Sallies struggled to get to grip with the conditions going down 16-3 to Everytime We touch, again like in Pool A its all to play for in the next round to get the all-important cup slots.

The Ladies division saw current holders BroTown Kahu remain unbeaten, however FFP White made them sweat in the sand for a 6-4 victory meanwhile FFP Blue revenged their defeat from the previous week with a 8-3 victory over the UntouchaBelles.

Where to start with the Men’s, no better place than Pool A, Title holders BroTown were held last week to a 5-5 draw last week with UntouchaBulls so were rearing to go against old foes FFP Blue, and end to end game followed and there was nothing separating the teams with another 5-5 score being posted.  Meanwhile the UntouchaBulls adapted to the conditions better then the Wolves and walked away with the spoils 16-2 to top pool A.  This leaves Pool A in a wide open all 4 teams can still make the cup final, it could go down to the wire next time so expect plenty of action!  Pool B saw Exiles Men improve on last week and in a game that could have gone either way were edged out by the Warriors Masters 5-7 meanwhile the Falcons continued their 100% form with a 9-3 win over FFP. 

A great night of touch despite the weather and all set for a mouthwatering final qualifying round of fixtures.  There are no games next week due to Eid, but we expect the training grounds (or watering holes) of Dubai to be full over the next couple of weeks as teams prepare their plans for the final round of games before we split into the Cup & Plate competitions for the Mixed & Ladies

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