Covid-19 – Return to Play


We’ll keep this page updated with the latest COVID-19 guidelines and information concerning Super 6s and the resumption of sports in the UAE.

23 SEP – Disclaimer

All our tournaments and leagues are sanctioned by the UAE Rugby Federation and in accordance with the Dubai Sports Council.

However, given the current situation, individual events can only be run subject to final approval by the governing bodies.

15 SEP – COVID Symptom Checker Form

Before today’s gameplay (and gameplay each week), every player must fill out the updated COVID Symptom Checker Form.

One form is required for each player and volunteer. This form must be filled out no more than 24 hours before the Super 6s.

8 SEP – COVID Symptom Checker Form

Before today’s gameplay (and gameplay each week), every player must fill out the COVID Symptom Checker Form.

One form is required for each player and volunteer. This form must be filled out no more than 24 hours before the Super 6s.

30 Aug – uaerf rETURN TO pLAY gUIDELINES

The UAE Rugby Federation has released their Return to Play Protocols. All players and teams should be aware of these regulations.

Here’s the protocol on Touch Rugby (inclusive of Tag and Quick Rip). Or download the full document.


Touch rugby serves a great purpose and is a key part of the UAERF return to play pathway. Touch rugby can be used in two distinct parts:

  1. Games and/or training drills that work on the assumption of ‘touch’ as the only contact point, for the avoidance of doubt the only level of contact that should be looked at during Phase 2 is hand contact to the body of another player.
  2. Resumption of organised games/leagues is permissible under Phase 2 however all individual games/leagues must fall under the current sanctioning guidelines of UAERF.

This addendum is applicable to all UAERF Sanctioned Touch Rugby leagues & competitions operating in the UAE and for any other affiliate member team using ‘Touch Rugby’ during their training sessions.

All aspects of the UAERF COVID – 19 Return to Play Guidelines are applicable, however, any deviation from these guidelines that is specific to ‘Touch Rugby’ are detailed in this addendum.

Leagues and Competitions protocols
Team Administration
  • Each team needs to appoint a COVID Manager who will act as the link between the team and the league/competition COVID Co-Ordinator for the purpose of recording information and this individual will need to be present at each game.
  • Each team COVID Manager will need to report to the match night manager 15 minutes before their scheduled game and submit a team sheet declaration (paper or electronically) which will contain all the contact details of each individual along with the answers to all the questions as detailed in Appendix 1 of UAERF Return to play protocols.
  • Each league/competition will appoint a COVID Co-Ordinator who will be the single point of contact between teams and the UAERF.
Pitch side Protocol for games
  • All non-players (substitutes) must remain a minimum distance of 2m away from the pitch and remain the correct social distance between each other and be wearing a face covering.
  • All playing equipment will be fully disinfected and sanitised between each game
  • Only the teams that are currently playing will be permitted inside the playing enclosure before each game.
  • Each individual will be name checked against the team sheet and again will have the temperature taken before entering the pitch. All players must wear a face covering when not playing in the game.
Game Time
  • Due to the fact that no rugby has been played for 6 months and during phase 2 all sanctioned games will be conducted in 4 quarters (not exceeding 10 minutes each), with a 2 minute break to allow for water and also to allow for players to ensure they sanitise their hands and a new clean ball can be provided. This will continue until Phase 4 is reached.
Players Responsibilities
  • Players should NOT travel to and from the venue within current UAE Guidelines on travel
  • Players should bring their own water bottle that can be clearly identified and ensure they have adequate water to sustain them for the duration of the game. No water drums are permitted pitch-side for replenishment.
  • If any player within 7 days of playing tests positive or displays symptoms they should self-isolate following current guidelines and should notify their team COVID Manager who will notify the League COVID Manager. The league manager will then follow the current UAERF and government guidelines on notifying anyone who may have been in ‘close contact’ to the individual.
Referee & Match/League Manager Responsibilities

The Referee along with the appointed match/league manager will ensure that all correct protocols are followed and will take action on an individual/team level as he/she sees fit for any of the following:

    • Not following the correct pitch entry checks
    • Not wearing a mask when not playing
    • Excessive physical contact while playing with either the opposition or team-mates
      It is acknowledged and understood that these guidelines may be subject to change and amendment at any point and we welcome your understanding should we be guide by other authorities to do things a little different.


Download the Full Guidelines